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PCOS means Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a rather common endocrine disorder which is seen among women in reproductive age. It is also called as Stein-Eventual syndrome or hyper androgenic anovulation.

Though there are different factors that lead to this syndrome many forms of research has testified that it can be a genetic disease. Polycystic primarily means ‘many cysts’ and cysts are filled with fluid and immature eggs.

Most of the women tend to press the panic button fearing the PCOS but homeopathy is the apt treatment for this syndrome. Deciding which Homeopathic Treatment is suitable depends on the extent of the problem and also the physiological health of a woman because homeopathy is a holistic control and there are other factors of a woman’s health that has to be taken into consideration for an effective and long lasting control.

It should also open the possibility of becoming fertile in the future for women to bear progeny and experience maternal bliss once the condition is addressed effectively through homeopathy.


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