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Sexual Problems


SEXUAL PROBLEM Male sexual problems
Premature ejaculation(PME)
Erectile dysfunction (ED)
PME patients respond in 30 days medicine Course only but for best result, 2 months course is required. We have experienced only 5-8 % result in diabetics & aged patients (above 65 yrs) for PME & ED.

Dr. Dev L.Singh, practices in pune,india. He has studied homeopathy & done research work intensively for over 14 years,since 2004.His clinic in pune, Koregaon park is visited by patients from all over the world. He has given unbelievable results in obesity, skin diseases, hair fall, hormonal disorders, allergic disorders, insomnia/stress and anxiety disorders etc.

He has deeply explored n done research work & developed his formula to treat obesity.

Dr Dev is very strong promoter of homeopathy & transformed thousands of patients life by homeopathic medicines. Apart from that he is gold medalist athlete, professional writer, mentor, meditator and researcher.


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